Why Do Sugar Daddies Disappear When It Gets Serious?

Why Do Sugar Daddies Disappear When It Gets Serious? Oh, you met the perfect sugar daddy on the sugar daddies meet website and everything looks great. You had a great time together, you were totally immersed in the relationship, and then one day, he disappeared. Either something's wrong with him or he's telling you he doesn't want to settle down.

I know. You're heartbroken and confused. Why would he date you if he was dumping you? The truth is simple: sugar dating isn't a serious date in the first place, and you need to be realistic before you start dating. Most sugar daddies on sugar daddy dating sites don't want a serious relationship, or they'll join some serious dating websites. Of course, a few sugar daddies are serious, but wake up, the odds are pretty slim.

Some sugar daddies aren't actively looking for a serious relationship. They may think that if the right sugar baby comes along, they'll be open to a relationship, so they'll date sugar babies like you who are clearly looking for something more long-term. A sugar daddy like this met a wonderful sugar baby (just like you). He'll take you out, and before he knows it, he meets your friends. This is when you begin to value the relationship. But, in his mind, he still thinks it's not a stable relationship.

For you, you're starting to have serious feelings for the sugar daddy. After all, you're a sexy, confident woman who wants a good relationship in his life, and you want it to be good. At the same time, he's thinking, oh, I'm not sure I want this. Then, when you start having more real conversations with him about what you want in a relationship, he gets really scared...He calms down and may finally decide to leave.

Why does this happen?
Unfortunately, most sugar babies experience this. Frankly, the same thing happened to sugar daddies. It's a natural part of the sugar relationship, and it's bad, but it's there, so know you're not alone.

Second, remember: it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself. There is no way to avoid this situation, and what you need to do is to make yourself as little hurt as possible. When this happens, you need to allow yourself to forgive him, forgive yourself, and move on. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you. It's all about the sugar daddy.

Most of the time, this is because he never wanted to be in a relationship in the first place. It comes down to one word:

The fear.
Sugar dads are terrified of a stable relationship, or they won't start a sugar date with you, not a serious one.

There are many reasons for their fear.
First, he may have a family to support, and if he settles down with you, he may need to deal with his existing family relationships, which may involve divorce, the division of assets, child custody, etc. These are tough questions, and no sugar daddy wants to risk getting himself into trouble. And people are afraid of change. As they say, change is hard at first, messy in the middle, but ultimately gorgeous. You know, when you start a new relationship, yes, change can be a little difficult, but you welcome it because you're looking forward to the end of a great relationship. But many people are afraid of change. They don't want to change their living environment. They don't want to change their way of life. Maybe they're just looking for a little extra stimulation. Maybe they just like dating. Maybe they like to meet lots of women. They don't want to change, or they're afraid of what it means to their lives. What would you do if that happened? He had no idea how good it would be, and it was his loss.

Second is the fear of commitment. Throughout human history, men have had a tendency to fear commitment, but in the 21st century it seems to be getting worse. Sugar daddies are terrified of meeting a sugar baby who wants his word, but now online dating has given them more options. If you need a commitment, then he's off to find the next sugar baby.

Before he knew it, he'd messaged eight sugar babies and couldn't decide who to settle down with, probably none of them. Science shows that when humans are faced with too many choices, we find it difficult to make decisions. So instead of promising to move forward with you, sexy single lady, he decides to wait for the decision until it finally disappears.

And finally, the fear of intimacy. He may have been hurt in the past. The last time he opened his heart to a woman, he got an uninterested response. His heart was broken and he began to fear serious relationships. Or maybe he never really shows any emotional side, because he's afraid that the further he goes down this path with you, the more he'll expose some of his flaws.

Some of the reasons why sugar daddies disappear are legitimate and you can help them overcome them, while some of the fears are complete nonsense. He's just a baby. It's ultimately up to you to decide if it's worth the effort. But if you're ready to start a real relationship, then you know you need to open up to men who are also open to their true feelings. They didn't run and hide. Someone who is willing to put their own and emotional energy into you. If you can't find a sugar daddy and a guy really disappears, just remember that it's better to end the relationship now than to find out five years later that he never really committed to the relationship.

So let me ask you: when things start to get serious, does a man ever disappear? Leave a comment below.

So let me ask you this: did your sugar daddy ever disappear when things started to get serious? Or if you haven't met a sugar daddy yet, join some reliable sugar baby or sugar daddy dating sites on Google and start looking for dates.

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