Protect Yourself From Scammers - 5 Safe Tips For Online Sugar Dating!

Protect Yourself From Scammers - 5 Safe Tips For Online Sugar Dating! There are many online sugar daddy dating sugar baby websites popping up all the time, but what's different is that our site takes very seriously to protect the safety of our members from online scammers. Every day we see these scammers, gold prospectors and other criminals trying to get into our site. Fortunately, we have some safety measures in place to ensure the safety of our sugar daddies and sugar baby members. By watching these scammers perform, and hearing a lot of horror stories from scammers on other websites, we've come up with five tips to stay safe when meeting people in the sugar dating world, especially if you're using a site that doesn't authenticate like

5 safe tips for online sugar dating

1. Google searches for their names, photos, and email addresses
Do you have Google? Go ahead and download one. It's the easiest way to keep you safe. You just need to take the photo Google, right-click the photo and click copy image URL. Then go to Google and select "Images". Click the camera icon and paste the link you just copied. Scammers almost always appear on Google because those who discover they are scammers will do something nice and post information to prevent others from suffering the same fate. In Canada, a woman who searches for a man on Google can avoid losing $10,000, according to research.

2. If your new partner is long-distance, have them Skype or Facetime
Seriously, a lot of people get cheated because they don't follow this simple rule. Remember, if someone is at a distance, you have to chat with them video or actually meet them before you decide to share any information about yourself. This is because online fraud groups will have different people working around the clock, some managing personal data, and others being asked to act as voice calls. The caller will never be the person you see on your profile. Because of this, they will come up with all kinds of excuses why they can't chat with you video. Don't believe them!!Simply put, you can't talk until you meet or video.

Having said that, our website has had many wonderful long distance relationships! This is because members are validated before they can communicate and follow our advice on video chat before deciding to visit each other.

3. Be very careful if their profile includes military service
The point! The survey found that many scammers use photos of military personnel because they think it's easier to fool people. Crooks choose to use military photos because a position in the military is highly respected and admired. If you meet someone who has military photos, don't share them until you see them, even if they are! Especially if the person says they're on active duty. This is a common way for scammers to take advantage of others.

A member of our website told me how she had previously tried Tinder and made contact with a man claiming to be in the us military. They talked a lot, and after a while he asked her to send him a package to Afghanistan. He told her she had to send it through a third party. When she spoke to a third party, they told her they needed her passport number, bank account number and social security number for "security."This is a scam! It's a pity that she was cheated!

4. Always meet in public
This is very important to keep you safe. Remember, even if the person you're meeting passes your id and background check, you should be careful because nothing is known until you meet them. To protect yourself, make sure your first meeting is in a public place. No exceptions. Make sure there's plenty of light and other people around. You never know. If you meet them, and they're 30 years older (or younger) than you are, and their hair color is different from their photos, you're not really fooled, you're just been Catfished.

5. Don't give anyone your personal information before meeting them
Before you meet the person you met on the sugar dating site, make sure you don't give anyone your personal information. You don't have to give your phone number to anyone you've never met, you don't have to add it to Facebook, Twitter, or even say your last name before you meet. You don't want someone to find you online, because if they're criminals, they might do enough digging to find you in real life, and you're in danger. Also, if you add this person to Facebook and then you post a photo and location of you on vacation or business, it makes it easy for criminals to rob you. These are logical, but easy to forget! Yes, we want to trust people, so we provide this information for free. Before meeting, however, you must politely decline to answer these questions. If they're trying to force you to say this information, they're not a good company anyway!

Data security
In addition to the top 5 ways to stay safe on sugar dating sites, another way to protect yourself is to meet in a group, often called a group meeting. Group meetings are a very low-key, easy way to meet people. Even if you're in public, meeting in person for the first time can be scary for many people, especially those who have been victims of online dating scams. This is one of the reasons that our website has introduced group activities. We want to facilitate member-driven group activities and events. This is a perfect solution for those who are not used to one-on-one stitching.

Although the Internet is great, our site doesn't keep everyone online all day! We want our members to meet face to face and do what they love to do, as simple, safe and non-threatening as possible. Since scammers can't show up for dates or group events because they're usually in another country or with someone whose profile they've created is completely different, meeting after the first online connection is always the best way.

Finally, I really hope that reading these online safety tips will help you avoid becoming another victim on sugar dating sites. As long as scammers remain, we will continue to update our safety requirements at you've been duped, or caught by a con artist trying to fool you, please share your story with us again so we can spread the word!

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