Myths About Sugar Babies & What Do They Want!

Myths About Sugar Babies & What Do They Want! Knowing what sugar babies want has always been a challenge and a mystery for sugar daddies who're seeking arrangements with sugar babies. When it comes to what sugar babies want, many sugar daddies wear twisted glasses. From the media to modern myths to the opinions of our friends, all of these have implanted a deeply ingrained belief in sugar daddies' minds that sugar babies only want rich men or handsome men with six-pack abs. Sure, good looks and money are rewards, but sugar daddies value them too much. And when a particular man lacks these qualities, his confidence plummets -- often accompanied by a decline in dating outcomes.

Why do so many sugar daddies seize on these ideas when they actually end up hurting them? One reason may be that sugar dads are more likely to imagine sugar babies seeking a set of specific, identifiable end goals -- even if those goals don't fit your own personality -- than to admit that desires are a bit confusing and confusing. So what are these myths? Experts from the sugar baby dating sites, as well as some sugar babies, have come up with 4 common misconceptions about what sugar babies want.

Myth # 1: sugar babies like handsome men
A lot of myths about women like handsome men are ridiculous, sugar babies are naturally recognized as only like young handsome men. However, the survey found that most sugar babies would also like to date less handsome sugar daddies. In terms of attractiveness, men are very visual. Because looks are so important to men, they automatically assume that looks are also important to women. But in reality, women are attracted to or disgusted by men's behavior, energy and the way they are treated. Not just appearance.

If you don't think you look good enough, that doesn't mean your chances of getting a date are doomed -- after all, no one is perfect. Most sugar babies would rather date a guy who looks average but is clean, knows how to take care of himself and is great in bed than a model whose life is a mess.

Myth # 2: sugar babies love jerks
Every sugar daddy who's just been rejected by sugar babies seems to have the old, unrealistic idea that sugar babies prefer jerks to nice guys. But the truth is, women hate jerks and love nice guys. As one model once told me, 'a good man is sexier than a six-pack.' Kindness is the key to a long and happy relationship. This doesn't mean that being a meek doorman is the way to a successful date, but being cruel, heartless or unkind is definitely not.

Myth # 3: sugar babies want strong sugar daddies
Strength isn't all that attracts sugar babies. As a sugar daddy, it's important to be strong, both physically and emotionally. But instead of cultivating their actual strength, people are often more concerned with not appearing weak, which makes many sugar daddies afraid of appearing weak or incompetent. But far from it. While power is attractive, so is occasional vulnerability.

The wrong idea is that sugar babies only want men who never cry or are physically strong. This view is bad for sugar daddies and sugar babies alike. If you can't open up and express the range of human emotions (happiness and sadness, confidence and fear, confidence and insecurity, power and jealousy), you won't be able to control those emotions effectively and will likely end up hurting yourself and others. So for sugar daddies, confronting their limitations, fears and frustrations, rather than just hitting the gym, is what many sugar babies really want.

Consider therapy (yourself or with a partner), or open up to your friends and family about the less-than-strong aspects of your life. Instead of pursuing a narrow, rigid idea of power, be someone who knows yourself and is comfortable with who you really are.

Myth # 4: sugar babies love rich sugar daddies
There's no denying that some sugar babies just love rich sugar daddies. After all, rich people can do a lot of things that less affluent people can't. Such as high-end restaurants, dream holidays, villas, sports cars and so on. But having money in the bank doesn't mean you're a good person, and there are sugar babies out there who value attraction more than money, even if you have money that doesn't matter if there's no chemistry.

Many sugar daddies overestimate three key factors: how handsome they must be, how much money they need, and how interesting their words must be. That dented some of sugar daddy's confidence because he felt he wasn't worth the idealized man he thought sugar baby wanted.

Not a suave silver fox multimillionaire is a fact of life for almost every man on earth (and one woman is acutely aware of it). Most men have enough money to entertain a date or partner here or there, but not enough to throw away. That said, the average woman has gotten used to it, and the rich are somehow every woman's dream. Yes, that's too much.

Not to mention, many men overlook that what is truly desirable is not wealth, but generosity. All the money in the world is meaningless in a relationship if you don't spend some of it on your other half. Similarly, just because you're poor doesn't mean you can't find a way to make someone else feel special.

Now, if you really want to start a sweet date with a sugar baby, maybe it's time to start thinking about what sugar baby wants. If we assume the conventional wisdom, we will inevitably be eliminated, because stereotypes don't apply to everyone. What appeals to one sugar baby may turn off another. We need to think about what a person wants, rather than assuming that we can predict their needs based on their gender. Adopt different methods according to different situations. In short, be flexible.

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