How To Stop Clinging When Dating The Sugar Baby You Really Like - Part 2?

How To Stop Clinging When Dating The Sugar Baby You Really Like - Part 2? In  Part 1  of our three-part series on how to stop being sticky (starting here), we mentioned:

Tip 1: meditate

Tip 2: fill up your social calendar

Tip 3: listen to her more
Let's move on to the rest:

Tip 4: communicate face to face

Do you rely on text messages and phone calls all day to communicate with your sugar baby? Do you see five lines of text for every line you receive? Maybe they look something like this:

You: it was great to see that outdoor jazz quartet in the square last night.

She: haha, that's right!

You: I love the atmosphere. It's so cool. A perfect ending to a perfect night the band was great. Maybe we should go and see them again sometime. I wonder if they are local?

She: not sure.

You: just checking... I think they're in Philadelphia? I guess they're on tour now.

She: I see.

You: you know, they remind me of another band I saw in wiltern a few years ago. It was a group of guitarists, very lively, I think they were Spanish? I forgot to...

(2 hours later)

You: gypsy king! It bothers me. I hate when something is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't remember. Isn't that the worst?

(No response)

I hope you noticed that when you emailed her, she only replied with one word. If all you get is a "yes" or "cool" or, worse, an emoji, you probably should stop there. And how long did you wait for her to respond to your first message? Make sure you only ask one question at a time and wait for her answer. If she doesn't respond within 48 hours, you can follow up. Finally, don't text for reasons other than dates. Even better -- face to face.

Tip 5: start a challenging workout
To make yourself less clingy, you can start some challenging exercises. Rock climbing competitions, for example. Then when the activity is over, all you can think about is yourself, as you're trying to recover from the intense workout. You're getting your breath back and taking pressure off your legs. When you get home, all you want to do is take a shower and rest on the couch, not to mention stick to her.

Also, consider doing something similar. If you find a very challenging workout, you don't have the time or energy to worry about your sugar baby not texting you. If she can't find you, she'll send you a message.

Tip 6: avoid falling in love with sugar babies
Falling in love with a sugar baby is not wise, you will lose all the beautiful things. After all, most sugar babies treat sugar relationships as casual. This is not a scare, but a warm reminder. Most sugar babies are young, beautiful girls, and free and sweet relationships must be their choice, because what they need most is money, not serious relationships. Therefore, you must establish rules and adhere to these principles. Being a sugar daddy is a temporary career, not a search for a soulmate, and never put yourself in a sweet relationship. You must control your emotions. Although it is difficult for you, there is always a way. Such as finding at least two sugar babies to date, we have to admit, a young sugar baby is fatal attraction. It's easier to control your emotions when you're dating two or more people.

Tip 7: look at your attachment style
Do you want to know why you need to be clingy? Look at your attachment style. Attachment theory may explain how your childhood made you clingy in relationships. There is a lot of information about this concept, so if you want to know more about it, you can check out more information about it on the Internet.

Basically, attachment theory is based on how your parents responded to your clingy needs when you were young, and you develop three different "attachment types." Here's a quick breakdown:

Anxious attachment style. This usually means that your parents' responses to your clingy needs during your childhood were unpredictable, so you develop anxious dependency patterns because you don't know what the end result will be.

Secure attachment style, which means that your clingy needs are fully met as a child and that you are able to trust all relationships.

Avoidant attachment, which means that when you express your need to be clingy, your parents react negatively, leading you to avoid it.

Of these three types, avoidant attachment is the most serious, and when you are this type of person, you must learn to face it. We can conquer fear only by facing it, can't we?

Tip 8: hire a sugar daddy dating coach
If your efforts still don't solve your problem, consider hiring a professional sugar daddy dating coach. Asking for help from a dating coach is a healthy way to channel negative energy. It can also be a useful message board to learn more about the meaning of something and the actions you should take. For example, sometimes you feel like you should just keep calling until she picks up the phone because you're too focused to see the big picture. So, getting an outside perspective on a similar situation from a dating coach can help you think clearly.

If you don't know where to find a reliable sugar daddy dating coach, you can try best sugar baby dating website to seek mutually beneficial relationships. Members include rich and successful men and young and attractive women, such as doctors, lawyers, other professionals, financiers, benefactors along with beautiful, intelligent and classy college students, aspiring actresses and models. Also,this site will provide you with the best comprehensive dating advice on dating sugar babies.

Finally, and importantly, we hope our article will help you get rid of clingy needs. In fact, the relationship between sugar baby and sugar daddy is just a reciprocal one. Sugar baby gains financial support or financial favor by exchanging affection and companionship. All in all, there's a lot more you need to learn to be a sugar daddy than we've ever written, and more tips can be found on our dating sites.

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