How To Stop Clinging When Dating The Sugar Baby You Really Like - Part 1?

How To Stop Clinging When Dating The Sugar Baby You Really Like - Part 1? First, how do you want to be a sugar daddy? Do you have any friend who is a sugar baby or sugar daddy? Influenced by them, you also choose to seek an arrangement with young sugar baby? Second, do you want to know how to stop clinging your date's sugar baby? First, let's discuss the definition of "clingy", which generally means too dependent on others. It's like a time bomb when it comes to relationships. It makes people feel bad. In any case, being a "sticky" sugar daddy in a sugar relationship means you're in a constant state of insecurity, worried that the other person isn't interested in you or might leave you. Then, you might do something you regret, like being with a sugar baby who doesn't respect you, just because you have a crush on her, or because you're afraid of losing her.

But the worst thing about being needy is that it almost makes you lose yourself, because it allows you to meet almost all of sugar baby's needs without thinking about your own. This will be the sugar baby's view of you, they will think you are a sugar daddy no idea. Eventually, she stopped thinking you were the confident sugar daddy she wanted, and that let her go.

Does this sound familiar? It is time to break the deadlock. Read on to find out how to stop being clingy to the sugar babies you really like and get them to fall in love with you instead. Let's start!

First, make sure you recognize all the signs of clinginess
Are you aware of any signs of clinginess? The only way to solve a problem is to identify it, so ask yourself if:

1)Keep asking what she's doing

You wonder what she's doing all the time? You can ask her questions about her schedule for the day, but you don't need to bombard her with calls. Do you really need to know what she's doing every hour? While you may feel that you are caring for her, she may feel that you are "spying" on her.

2)Be jealousy

Are you a little jealous, male or female? If she's seeing someone else, maybe you'll act like a maniac. Or if she says nice things about one of your male friends, you'll get edgy and cranky. A lot of times, it's a sign that you're clingy.

3)Too much praise

When praise is overdone, it can be too much. If you praise her repeatedly, even to the point of repetition, ask yourself: do you really just want her to like you more?

4)Be silent

If she makes you angry, do you deliberately ignore her, just to seek her attention? For example, not returning text messages or phone calls, or disappearing from the earth when angry, although this may make her crawl back once, it soon turns her off.

Once you understand your clingy behavior, you can use some strategies to deal with it.

Tip 1: meditate
You may find this a bit funny, but meditation is an investment, so it may take a while to see the benefits. From now on, just spend 5-10 minutes a day practicing and you'll see results. Here are some meditation benefits that can help you feel less needy for a while:

20 minutes of meditation. A recent study found that as little as 20 minutes of meditation can help reduce negative emotional stimuli. Taking a little time to meditate means you'll be better at staying calm on things that normally trigger insecurity.

You'll be more comfortable with her. Regular meditation can also prevent you from getting stuck in your own clingy thoughts when you're with her.

Meditation will help you understand yourself better. Meditation can give you a clarity about yourself that you've never had before. It can help you notice the subtleties in your emotions, so you can catch your clingy needs before they turn into destructive behaviors in your relationship.

Tip 2: fill up your social calendar
Don't let dating be your only leisure activity, there are so many fun activities and you can try different experiences. I know it's easier said than done, especially when you're a sugar daddy with a busy schedule. But if you make an effort to do other social activities while dating sugar baby, you won't need to be so needy because you won't feel like you're putting all your eggs in one pot.

In fact, you can schedule activities like work, setting a schedule. Then, proceed with your activities as planned. If you only have two or three hours of free time each week, you will naturally become a scarce resource. Yes, sugar babies like things that are hard to get. Too easy to get will not cherish.

Tip 3: listen to her more
You're clingy because you need attention too much. You crave someone to deal with your insecurities or loneliness. But you don't really want to get to know the other person. This can lead to a lot of problems, but there are two main ones :1) you won't see who you're actually dating, and 2) if she does give you the attention you want, it will only vindicate your insecure ways in the relationship.

So how do you deal with this situation? Listen to her more. If you listen more attentively to your sugar baby, you will find that your sugar relationship will be better. Not only will it take your attention away from your own needs, but it will give you a better idea of who she is and whether she's really right for you. Also, to really listen to the sugar baby with you, remember the following:

Respond to what she's actually saying instead of just listening.

Don't interrupt her. Let her finish before giving her opinion.

Ask her lots of questions and let her ask you some.

In short, listening hard will help you see her as a real person, not the fantasy you use to satisfy needy needs.

Setting up a mutually beneficial sugar relationship is easy. After all, there are so many sugar arrangements dating websites on Google. But building a perfect sugar relationship takes a little work. If you become clingy in a sugar relationship, the relationship will eventually collapse! So practice being a less clingy sugar daddy! You can continue reading  Part 2  of this article by clicking here.

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