How To Keep Your Sugar Baby By Making Her To Invest In You – Part 2?

How To Keep Your Sugar Baby By Making Her To Invest In You – Part 2? Well, we've already mentioned three key strategies for making your sugar baby invest in you.Now we continue in  Part 1 :

Many sugar daddies make the below mistakes
A lot of sugar daddies do the opposite of these three key strategies, and most men, in order to keep their partner, will do anything, even lose themselves, only to see that woman.For them, the standard answer on a date night is: "I don't care.I can do whatever you want."The guy is crazy about the girl.He is very happy with her.He didn't care what they did, as long as they did it together.This is a big mistake!

If you always do what she wants to do in order to please her, if you always pay for everything, if you always put in all the effort, she will think everything comes too easily and will not cherish you.Not to mention investing in you, it's impossible.As soon as she thinks you're a little annoying or someone else isn't, she'll leave you and you'll just sit at home and think about what you did wrong and become increasingly resentful of the opposite sex.

I know, after all, you treat her like gold, do everything for her, spend a lot of money on her, and she throws you away like garbage.This happens all the time.Those who treat their young sugar baby like a goddess and try their best to make her happy without expecting anything in return will always be hurt in the end.Let me repeat the point so you don't miss it: nothing in return.It won't help you at all.

Therefore, you must expect her to treat you as well as you treat her.Logically, one would expect a woman to like this "goddess" treatment -- always doing what she wants, always paying for everything, never really putting in any effort.Novice sugar daddies often think of it as a way to win over women.It's true on the first few dates, but over time it doesn't apply.When we are dealing with women and not vulcan, our strategy must be different...Consider some of the illogical ways in which the human mind works.What happens in her mind is that she thinks you are worthless simply because she doesn't need to invest anything in you to get you or keep you.You are an interesting pastime and she has nothing to do.But now, if a more attractive sugar daddy comes along, one who wants to be invested, she won't have any qualm about dropping you or relegating you to the lower "friendship" status.Isn't that terrible?If you want to get out of this fate, you'll have to make her work a little harder for you.

How to keep your sugar baby by making her invest in you: summary
On the other hand, what does she think when you ask her to invest her energy, money and time into your mutually beneficial relationship?Well, on a conscious level, she may find herself sometimes annoyed -- for example, by spending money, or doing something she doesn't want to do, etc.But on an unconscious level, she looks at all the things she's done for you, all the money she's spent on you, all the things she's done with you, and when she really doesn't want to do it, she subconsciously thinks, "wow!I've done so much for this man!I must like this guy.Look at what I've done for him.This is something my ex-boyfriend never enjoyed."

It is extremely difficult for her to let you go when she finds that she has invested a lot in you. After all, she is reluctant to give up her previous efforts.Of course, if she is a cruel sugar baby, then let her go, she is not worth it!

It's also why it's hard to move on from the goddess who treats you like trash.Because you invested so much in her.If you leave as everyone suggests, you'll lose everything you invested in her.You see, as I mentioned before, we don't think about things very clearly before we act, we often do things and then rationalize our actions after we act.You want her to look back on the last few weeks, months or years and realize how much she really did for you.She spends a lot of money in your relationship;She has invested a lot of time and energy in you.If she doesn't like you, she won't do these things -- which means she does!

Finally, I just want to tell you, if your sugar baby is not worth your efforts, then leave her!You may think it's hard to find a sugar baby, but will any young sugar baby turn down a rich man like you?Keep in mind that sugar daddy and sugar baby dating is a mutually beneficial relationship, and you can easily match sugar baby on sugar daddy dating sites as long as you are willing to pay a little money!

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