How To Keep Your Sugar Baby By Making Her To Invest In You – Part 1?

How To Keep Your Sugar Baby By Making Her To Invest In You – Part 1? Even if you're an old sugar daddy, you still have a passion for dating young sugar babies. Older men in both the United States and European countries have been shown to have a desire for a mutually beneficial relationship with a younger girl, often defined as a "sugar baby."If sugar babies are a perfect choice, the relationship, known as "reciprocity," can be pretty good.However, young sugar babies are always energetic girls, and sugar daddies are mostly old, and this age gap can cause problems.If you want to keep your young sugar baby and not be left behind as a bunch of heartbroken lovers, you have to get her involved in your sugar relationship.

But how rich you are, and if you can't get her to invest in your sugar relationship, she won't hesitate to dump you one day if a more attractive sugar daddy comes along.I hate to break it to you, but there's always a rich sugar daddy who's more charming than you.So what do I mean by asking her to invest in your relationship?

It's like playing with a doll machine.Imagine your sugar baby walks into a doll machine full of cartoon dolls. She studies it for a moment, tentatively sits down, then throws a coin in and pulls the handle.Either way, she probably won't catch anything this time.So she tried again and again.Soon, she had invested not only a lot of money in the machine, but also a lot of time, energy and hope.In fact, the more she invested in the machine, the harder it was for her to get up and walk away.Because she believed that if she persisted, eventually she would get the lovely doll she wanted.The next coin could be the one that wins.On the other hand, if she gives up after only two tries, she has nothing to miss.

Now, do you see what I mean?Your date is like a game, and you are the doll machine. If you can keep your sugar baby constantly investing those COINS in you, she won't leave because she can't bear to part with the huge amount of money and time she invested.Well, now that you're aware of the power of investing, when you're trying to keep your sugar baby, the question becomes: how do you increase her investment in the sugar relationship so that she doesn't want to leave you when something more interesting or someone comes along?Let's focus on three key areas:

Key # 1: get her to invest time in the relationship
Time is important, and the more time she puts into the relationship, the more time she can put into you.In this case, time means that you often do what you want together, not just what she wants.For example, occasionally you insist on going to your favorite restaurant, or going to a ball game, or hiking.If you always do what she wants to do, she won't have time to invest in you.Something she doesn't want to do or doesn't normally do when you're away (which doesn't necessarily mean she won't like it) is an investment.

If you take her to a football match, it's bound to bore her.Then go to your favorite restaurant, where there is nothing she likes to eat.Then go to the movies and watch the latest Schwarzenegger movie (she hates Schwarzenegger).Are you going to have fun?Yes!But will she have fun?Probably not.Does she complain when you're away?Maybe.Will she call her girlfriend the next day and tear you to pieces?Well, maybe.Does this evening, which on the surface looks like a very, very bad idea, make her more or less attractive to you?If it's a first or second date, you're done.But if it's a fifth date, a tenth date, or a 30th date, it might be good for you.Why is that?Because you've allowed her to invest some valuable time in your relationship.Anyway, you didn't do what she wanted to do that night.You raise your value in her eyes by showing her that if she wants you, she must occasionally do what you love to do.You are wonderful after all.If she wants to be with you, she has to pay a price -- time, effort and money.

Key # 2: let her buy you something once in a while
Although in a sugar relationship, the sugar daddy is the one who provides the sugar baby allowance. But it's a mutually beneficial relationship, and you should get something out of her.You can increase her investment in you by having her spend some of her hard-earned money in your relationship.Ask her to pay for dinner once in a while, or buy a movie ticket, or buy two cokes on her way.You shouldn't be paying for everything, she should actually be paying a little bit of money, after all, it's actually an allowance from you.At the same time, it's about increasing her commitment to you and reducing the likelihood that she'll just pass on to someone else after you've done something annoying.

Remember, don't always buy her a gift, and occasionally expect to get one from her, even if it's just a simple postcard.When you're out, don't always insist on paying for dinner, or tickets to a concert, or drinks, or anything.If she offers, you can make her pay.If she doesn't make the first move, you can subtly tip her to pay.When it comes to your birthday, you shouldn't say, "oh, you don't have to buy me anything.It's good enough to be with you."Instead, tell her what you want or give her your gift list.What's the point if she won't spend it on you?(note: the first few dates are different.If she wants you to pay, and you want her, just pay.

Key # 3: don't be the only one who makes the effort
Any good sugar relationship should be the sugar daddy and sugar baby two people pay each other, only rely on your own efforts are not enough.You must also make her work for your relationship.Basically, ask her to do something for you. Ask her to make some compromises for you. Don't always sacrifice yourself for her.Don't put all your effort and work into the sugar relationship alone.

Let her do something for you that you often do for her, let her treat you like you treat her, improve your quality of life.For example, you can ask her to do some laundry for you.Make a simple meal for you;Or drive while the two of you are out and tell her that your shoulders are sore.Basically, no matter how big or small the matter is, it's mainly her heart.

I need to point out that instead of cheating or forcing her to do anything she can't do, let her do something simple for you.In fact, if she really likes you, she will offer to do things for you and really enjoy them.If she doesn't volunteer or like doing things for you, she's in the relationship just so she can get some perks out of it and then dump you.Needless to say, this is not a good deal for you.You deserve better than this, don't you?

To get your sugar baby engaged in this relationship, you need to follow these three key strategies.At the same time, keep a calm and open mind.For more information on how to get your sugar baby involved, click   Part 2 !

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