How To Be Vulnerable To Sugar Baby On A Date And Why Is This Important?

How To Be Vulnerable To Sugar Baby On A Date And Why Is This Important? Being vulnerable to sugar babies in a sugar relationship is a scary thing for most sugar daddies, especially when it comes to seeking arrangement dating with them. Instead, vulnerability is often confused with weakness. When you feel vulnerable, if you can deal with the uncomfortable feelings, you will become more attractive. Because vulnerability makes sugar baby think you're the kind of person: You are someone to care about; You are loving; You are worthy of love; You are understanding; You don't hide your emotions. All in all, being vulnerable while dating a sugar baby increases your intimacy and makes it more likely that you will build a harmonious, sweet relationship.

The difference between vulnerability and sissy
Sugar daddies who equate vulnerability with "sissy" are shooting themselves in the foot by blocking their connection to potential sugar babies. Listen, feeling vulnerable has nothing to do with being a sissy or a coward -- it's about opening up your feelings in a way that allows others to open up to you. Believe it or not, when you do this, the conversation between you and your potential sugar baby will become deeper, the sexual chemistry will escalate, and it will be easier to find out if you're compatible.

In contrast, sugar daddies who think they shouldn't feel vulnerable on a date often experience intimacy problems. People who are afraid of intimacy want to experience love and intimacy with another person, but their fear prevents them from becoming vulnerable and/or reaching a stage in an emotionally and physically close romantic relationship. Typically, male sugar daddies who fear intimacy have suffered trauma or extreme heartbreak in the past, and fear of intimacy has developed into a protective mechanism to prevent this type of injury from happening again. But in fact, fear of intimacy can perpetuate hurt and dissatisfaction, because it makes it extremely difficult to develop and maintain an intimate relationship.

If you're a sugar daddy suffering from an intimate fear that makes you feel less vulnerable, here are some things you can do to help you heal:

Work on improving your confidence and increasing your self-worth.

Talk to someone you trust about your fears and make an appointment with a therapist when appropriate.

Acknowledge that your fear of intimacy is behind the fear.

Practice self-care, healthy eating and exercise to put yourself in a better frame of mind.

Learn how to accept rejection as an opportunity to grow.

Another misconception that male sugar daddies feel vulnerable is that they are too sensitive, crying in a corner, trying to please the woman next to them, being too nice, or chasing sugar babies. In fact, vulnerability is when you are honest with your feelings and show your trust by sharing personal information with others.

Be aware of her vulnerability when she's with you
Most of the time, sugar baby will be more vulnerable in front of you. Unfortunately, despite advances in The Times, men are still not emotionally friendly. Women tend to have more practice when it comes to sensitivity and openness. As a result, sugar baby is more likely to open up and trust you on a date, showing vulnerability. When this happens, be aware of her vulnerability and respond appropriately.

For example, Beth Shared her sugar daddy dating story: I dated a sugar daddy three months ago, and during our conversation, a young member of our family died of brain cancer. I thought he was reacting too quickly, saying, "oh, I'm sorry," almost subconsciously. Then he touched me clumsily and quickly. His touch was so stiff that the whole thing felt very mechanical. It was as if he was just looking for an excuse to touch me. In fact, my memory of the date was almost entirely consumed by the strange energy this guy exuded. He seemed intent on touching me, though he didn't. As we walked side by side, he seemed to be thinking, not knowing how to touch me. When we sat down to talk, he didn't seem to be engaged in much of the conversation, but thinking about finding a way to break the touch barrier. I also find touch so stiff. If he had changed his behavior, things could have been very different."

"I Shared something personal with him," she says. "he shouldn't have taken the opportunity to put his hand somewhere on me, but should have practiced some active listening. He could have practiced good eye contact and just listened to the story. Then he could ask me about it or tell me, "thank you very much for sharing this with me," instead of simply saying, "oh, I'm sorry." "He can also share something personal with me to further deepen the conversation and build a very strong and close bond. As for touching, he shouldn't focus on the date. After we talked about what had happened to me, he Shared something that he could have relieved by telling a joke or joking in a harmless place or touching me. "

In fact, his mistake is one of many that sugar daddies make in the early stages of dating. His intentions may have been good, but his behavior made Beth not want to see him again. If you find yourself in the same situation and find it difficult to accept and feel vulnerable, just listen and maintain good eye contact when in doubt. Thank her for sharing this information, and you mean it when you tell her you're sorry for what she's gone through.

Yes, feeling vulnerable is a scary thing for most people, especially male sugar daddies. But if you take advantage of it, your date will be more productive. This is where sugar daddy sites come in. They can provide you with dating guides and help you find like-minded dates. Ready to join us?

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