How Should You Get Your Allowance as a Sugar Baby?

How Should You Get Your Allowance as a Sugar BabyLet's say you've just signed up for one of the best sugar baby dating websites and meet a sugar daddy on the site. He is a very wealthy CEO with his own private villa, several luxury cars and recently returned from a vacation in Maldives. You decide to choose him as your sugar daddy and start your first date.

Everything is perfect. On your first date, he acted like a gentleman, arranging everything for you. But he didn't mention any perks or other arrangements, just another date. You get confused so you go on a second date, then a third date, even a fourth date. Until you get more and more anxious and don't know how to get your allowance as a sugar baby because you're afraid of scaring him off by bringing it up?

Then you think you should keep dating him. After all, you think that as you go on more dates, you'll get to know each other better, he'll like you more and more, and eventually he'll give you an allowance, right? Not really. The reason: you don't mention your allowance and act like a free sugar baby. He thinks if you don't need it, why should he offer it?

If you are in this relationship, how do you get your allowance? Here's how to remedy the situation and get your allowance.

Set your goals
We usually recommend that new sugar babies set their goals before joining sugar dating sites, which can help you keep track of what needs to be done. Of course, you wouldn't go on a sugar date without anything, would you? Do you want to be a free sugar baby? At first, you may insist on free dates with a sugar daddy who will give you pocket money to keep you going, but ask yourself if you really want to be a free sugar baby.

In fact, a sugar relationship is a mutually-beneficial one, and your sugar daddy is obligated to pay you an allowance unless he wants to end it. So, don't go on a blind date with a sugar daddy, a good sugar daddy will pay you an allowance.

Keep your options open
Unless your sugar daddy subsidizes you and makes you his real sugar baby. Otherwise, you're free until you get your allowance, and you have the right to choose your next sugar daddy. Don't delete your profile from dating sites just because someone is dating you. You can keep in touch with your new sugar daddy, keep dating until you get your allowance. There are many potential sugar daddies waiting for you, so don't limit your options to one who doesn't want to subsidize them.

Don't give until you get
There are a lot of new sugar babies who give everything at the beginning of a relationship. It was a fatal mistake. Remember, you should be honest with your sugar daddy, but that doesn't mean you have to give it all away, at least not until you get it.

Be friendly, be friendly, be sweet, be charming -- but within limits. A potential sugar daddy who hasn't yet offered you an allowance isn't your real sugar daddy. He's just another person until you reach an allowance agreement with him. Until then, you should keep your distance from him. Politely shorten the phone conversation. Cut back on frequent dates. Your time is not empty. Don't let him think so.

Set appointments
At first, you'll want to go out with your sugar daddy all the time and let him see how great you are and continue to date you. However, based on the dating experience of many sugar babies, when you go out with your sugar daddy many times and he still doesn't offer you an allowance, he may never give it to you, then you need to consider whether to end the relationship.

We recommend no more than three dates. By the second or third date, you should be getting an allowance. Otherwise, don't go on a fourth date. If you've made it a rule to go out with your sugar daddy no matter what, you can say, "I'm busy. I have another date. It's time for him to realize that you're not free.

In short, if you want to get the subsidy, you should take the initiative in your own hands. You have the right to choose to give up a sugar daddy who is not willing to pay for you, and start a new sugar baby date!

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