8 Ways to Identify Fake Dating Profiles on Sugar Daddy Dating Sites!

8 Ways to Identify Fake Dating Profiles on Sugar Daddy Dating Sites! There's a lot of analytics out there about the benefits of online sugar daddy dating sites, but not all of it is good news. For example, according to the survey, about 10% of dating profiles on some sugar daddy dating sites are fake, and more than $50 million is defrauded every year.

While these are overwhelming statistics, there are steps you can take to make sure you or someone you know isn't being taken advantage of. We'll show you how to tell if a dating profile is fake on sugar daddies dating sites.

1. Do they want money?
Online dating fraudsters work almost day and night, so they're really good at making up tear-jerking stories that are hard to ignore. You must resist the urge to help, even if you are a very weak person.

Whether they're stuck in an abusive home or in debt because of hospital bills, don't give in. Provide other resources that do not involve wallets, credit CARDS, or bank accounts.

2. Do their stories contradict each other?
Lying to someone online is easy because you don't have to look them in the eye, but if you do it long enough, for many people you will be caught out. If a sugar daddy/sugar baby describes his/her life a little differently than you remember, don't underestimate it. Suddenly they had a cat instead of a dog, their favorite food was pasta instead of tacos, or they were engineers instead of lawyers.

Don't ignore this feeling of doubt, go back to the previous message, see what they said in the first place, and then ask them to clarify. If they start beating around the bush, there's a good chance they're liars.

3. Is their message universal?
Most scammers don't want to spend time on their profiles or messages, so they usually send generic messages. What you end up with is something that has been copied and pasted, simply by replacing the last person they contacted with your name.

Did they mention your profile or photos? Interest, your job, anything? If your answer is no, raise your eyebrows. What happens when you ask them questions about their lives? Do they always come back with something ordinary, like a movie and a friend? We all like to do this, so pay attention to whether they're putting off the details that make them special.

4. Are there any blanks in their profiles?
The sugar daddy or sugar baby who really wants a date will be willing to put in the time and effort to perfect their profile, and they won't leave anything blank on their profile or skip a lot of questions unless that person has a problem. If you see a profile that's mostly empty (except for their name, age, and location), it's a sign that the person is anxious to set it up and may want to get into the information section quickly so he or she can cheat. Because he was a liar, he didn't have much real information to fill in. If you've seen this profile on some sugar daddy dating sites, skip him or her.

5. Did they post only one photo?
On a personal dating profile, the photo is the most important thing, it shows people what they look like directly. The pictures in the dating profile are like a person's eyes - they are the Windows to the soul. When someone uploads a photo or several basically identical photos (like an avatar), you know nothing about them. Real people with real dating profiles upload various photos to show their personalities and interests - but people with fake profiles don't want to risk posting too many stolen photos, which can cause problems. As a result, they tend to post only one or two photos.

6. Does that picture look like a normal photo?
Stick to the subject, and if you find that some of your profile photos look too perfect, an alarm should go off in your head. Professionally produced photos are great, but you can tell the difference between professionally produced photos and stock photos. Stock photos usually have simple backgrounds (for example, white) and people that look a little familiar (because you've seen them in other stock photos).Professionally produced photos are usually taken with the help of a professional team of photographers and can be taken for a fee. You should distinguish between professionally produced photos and stock photos, and stay away from professionally produced photos because they are likely to be scammers.

7. Are they from other countries, especially Nigeria?
Seeking Arrangement once censored 60,000 banned profiles to see what they had in common. They found that 28 percent of the data came from Nigeria, 23 percent from Ukraine and 21 percent from the Philippines. We're not saying that every sugar daddy or sugar baby from Nigeria, Ukraine, the Philippines or any other country is a crook, but you should pay close attention, especially if you're not looking for an international date.

8. Is the text full of grammatical and spelling errors?
We are not teachers who check for grammar and spelling mistakes, so it is not surprising to see some grammar and spelling mistakes on your personal dating profile. However, if this happens often and you can see that English is not the author's first language, it also implies something different to look for.

A study by Grammar shows that men are 14 percent less likely to get a response if they make just two mistakes. It's a crazy statistic, and you'd think that people who really care about online dating would use a syntactic tool to browse their profiles, ask friends to look at them, or at least pay attention to the red curve above.

With these tips, you'll learn to be your own detective & never fall in love with a fake dating profile on a dating websites for sugar daddies! While most sugar daddy dating sites do all they can to keep their members safe (through authentication, blocking, reporting, etc.), there's a lot you can do. If we work together, eventually we can reduce the number of fake profiles and the money people lose as a result of romantic scams!

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