4 Ways To Communicate With Sugar Babies!

4 Ways To Communicate With Sugar Babies! Finding and dating a sugar baby is easy, but communicating with a sugar baby is a bit harder. The relative success of every relationship in your life, whenever and wherever it is, is based on communication. It is the foundation and cornerstone of your connection to others. Communication: what could be more important?

As sugar daddies, when we unleash these archetypal male forces in our relationships, we set ourselves on a path of self-destruction. We begin a dysfunctional pattern that breeds contempt, resentment, and ultimately the breakdown of the relationship. When all you have to do is communicate with your sugar baby, being a good partner seems like a piece of cake, right? But why do most sugar daddies fail and relationships with sugar babies fail? If you look at the statistics, it's mostly due to poor communication. When it comes to good communication, men suck, and to be honest, many women are no better. Women may have an innate ability to resolve conflicts, but the bottom line is that we can all improve the way we communicate with each other.

Proper communication is the foundation of a good relationship, yet we fail to have proper communication in most cases. So, guys, start with these tips:

1) let her know you care
The most important thing is to let your sugar baby know that you care about her. The competitive nature of most men forces them to try to win every battle, so much so that they forget the simple principle of relationship conflict: there is no winner. Before she admits you're right, it's time to stop seeing every fight as an opportunity to gain the upper hand and use some rhetoric. Do you have to win to satisfy her? In the long run, this is not the end goal you should be looking for. Because if so, your woman will soon resent you. This is not good. Which brings me to my point: let her know that no matter how bad, how fierce, how brutal the fight is, you only care about her and put her first. In the midst of all your anger, even when it erupts, take a deep breath and do something to let her know you care.

Touch her arms, touch her hair, put your palm on her cheek, or just say "I love you." Of course, some women don't like to make this gesture "in the heat of battle." they may push your hand away or turn away. Don't take it personally and don't get angry. Even if she's not ready to make up, let her know you care and she'll find out when she calms down.

2) focus on her nonverbal communication
Wow, some sugar daddies are so stupid I want to cry. They either don't consciously pick up nonverbal cues from sugar babies, or they don't have sensitive radar to pick up their partner's nonverbal signals at all. It's amazing to see these people in action. Your sugar baby's body language may not be as subtle as other women's, but you should be aware of it and be patient enough to pay attention to it. If you don't react that quickly, you're either an inattentive jerk who does it on purpose, or you're blind to the nuances of nonverbal communication.

Fact: nonverbal communication refers to body language communication, including gestures, gestures, facial expressions, and other body language. Note: it also includes intonation, sighing, screaming, pitch, and volume. So pay attention to all of these when communicating with your sugar baby. In good times and bad, nonverbal communication can serve as an immediate signal of how she feels about you at that moment, not to mention how she feels about you in general. No matter what language she chooses, her body language cannot hide her true feelings. So watch and respond.

3) be an active listener
In addition to communicating, you need to be an active listener. Active listening, not passive listening, is one of them. Your sugar baby may have problems that she will talk about and complain about, but you don't know what to do. Listen, pay attention to what she says and write it down. Being an active listener isn't hard, but it does require some of the sometimes elusive qualities of men: patience, focus and humility.

Be patient. Because you have to give her enough time to listen to her information as she needs it. You have to listen patiently to her complaints and give her your opinion.

Focus is key. Because you don't just look at her, you look at her: her mouth, her eyes, her body language, her voice. What's she talking about? What is she talking to you about? Focus on her.

Humility. Because a lot of men, myself included, don't want to keep people talking for long. They like to hear their own voice and want others to hear theirs. It's fair to say that these men want to dominate the conversation and control the situation. Unfortunately, this is not a quality that helps build good relationships. So when it's time to shut up, shut up. Isn't silence king? Forget your ego and let her speak. Above all, let her say the last word once in a while. Hint: this is not a sign of male weakness.

4) time
Good communication takes time to build, so: make time. Of course, I don't mean the blank stare. If you make time to watch sports, eat and have sex, why not make time to talk to your sugar baby? Whenever possible, set aside an hour or two to spend quality time with her. Give her priority. After a long day, make an effort to sit across from her and discuss work, friends, and your relationships. Hell, you can talk about the weather. I don't care. Just talk, not sit.

Remember, don't bring up the subject of your relationship, but take the opportunity to mention how it's going or suggest areas you need to improve to meet her needs. Also, don't be shy about explaining to her what you need her to do. When you sit down together, cook together, travel together, or eat together, take the time to express your dissatisfaction with some aspect of the relationship. Do it calmly so as not to frighten her. Or she assures you that you are happy with the relationship (if so). Whatever you want to discuss, just make time and work together.

Now that you have the right skills and mindset to communicate with sugar babies, you can use these skills to keep your sugar babies hooked. Do it now! Or haven't found the right sugar baby date yet? Join the sugar baby dating site to seek an arrangement!

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